Dual Income Property Investment

September 24, 2013

We are a property investment company and we provide a range of property investment services including the sourcing of  dual income property investment for property investors. If you are looking to buying rental property and you are considering a quality dual income property investment, then come and see us and we will do all the hard work for you. We know how to buy an investment property in the best areas for best value, high gain, property investments. We provide positive cashflow property which means we know how to invest in property that gives positive gearing and that means that after the bank loan repayments are made and the rates and taxes and property maintenance is paid, there should still be money left over to spend on your enjoyment of life.

We provide high quality, long term, dual income property investment. We locate suitable properties in Sydney and The Hunter Valley and build granny flats in the back yard to provide dual income property investment for investors. We have been in the business for many years and we have many property investment tips to offer you.

How Easy It Is To Invest In Dual Income Property

We make dual income property investment easy for you.

We Make It Easy For You

Quick Housing Solutions is one of Australia’s top providers of dual income investment properties. The testimonial below is just one example of many satisfied customers who changed their lives through dual income property investment. The company specializes in matching customers with the properties that will give them a positive cash flow. With yields of 7-10 percent, investors have everything to gain and nothing to lose by considering such an investment. This is because the safest avenue through which to create positive cash flow is to invest in properties that are located in long term, high growth areas, with a high demand for quality rentals. Quick Housing Solutions has helped numerous investors to make their dreams a reality by utilizing the dual income strategy. Regardless of your individual goals, the staff at Quick Housing Solutions can customize a plan to get you on the road to success with all your real estate investments.

An Investment Giving 8.31% Yield
This Is An Example Of What We Can Do For You

Dual Income Property Summary

Paul’s Success Story

House In the Hunter ValleyUntil a friend introduced me to Quick Housing Solutions, I never thought my investment dreams could become a reality. My friend and I were talking about investing in real estate and different strategies for generating an income. I mentioned that my wife and I were very interested in dual income property investment, as such homes offer the best return for the money. However, we had no idea where to start and we had no one to give us any guidance. This is the point at which my friend told me about Quick Housing Solutions. Upon checking out the company further, we liked their fresh, innovative concepts and decided the best move we could make would be to buy a property through their service.

Granny Flat in the Hunter ValleyThe house we found was on a large corner block and the surrounding neighborhood was quiet and tidy. It was located in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia. Quick Housing Solutions then built a granny flat in the home’s back yard, which we now rent out in addition to the house itself. There were no renovations required on the main house, and it featured wonderful extras such as a split system air conditioner, a wood fireplace, polished timber floorboards throughout, decorative cornices and high ceilings. It also had a modern kitchen and bathroom.

The Quick Housing Solutions team were professional from the beginning and we were very impressed with our project manager. She handled all of the separate parties and only contacted me when it was necessary. I would not hesitate for an instant to recommend Quick Housing Solutions to anyone who is interested in positive cash flow property investment. I recommend that anyone who is pursuing the dual income property investment and desires a hassle free transaction should contact Quick Housing Solutions.

Why Invest In Australia?

  • Australian KangarooThe Australian economy has been in growth for the last 20 consecutive years up to the start of 2011 (Australia was one of the few countries that did not go into recession during the global financial crisis).
  • In the last 6 years, the Australian economy has been growing at four times the rate of the United States, twice the rate of Canada and six times the rate of Germany.
  • Australia is one the most economically resilient countries in the world
  • Australia is one the most politically stable countries in the world
  • Australia is one the most globally competitive countries in the world in terms of business
  • Australia’s sustained growth has exceeded all countries in the OECD for the 15 years up to the start of 2011

Why Invest In Dual Income Property In Sydney, Australia?

Every so often a really good opportunity for investment arises, such as has recently occurred in Sydney. The reason for this is the unprecedented demand for accommodation in Sydney coupled with several other factors. Together this is putting steady upward pressure on property values and rental returns. These reasons include:

  • There are over 30,000 people wanting accommodation in Sydney each month but less than 10,000 new dwellings built.
  • Rental returns in our type of property investment in Sydney are currently increasing at about 10% per year.
  • The NSW Government wants to increase the population of Sydney by half a million people while preventing any further expansion in the area of the metropolitan area.
  • Sydney’s economy is larger than that of Singapore, Malaysia or Hong Kong and accounts for more than one third of Australia’s GDP.
  • Properties in Sydney are notably safe from natural events – Sydney has a mild climate and no history of natural disasters such as extreme winds or tsunamis or large earthquakes.

Why Invest In Dual Income Property In Lower Hunter Valley, Australia?

There are simply not enough houses in this rapidly expanding area of Australia. This means upward pressure on property values and rentals.

  • Less than 1% vacancy rate
  • 6% to 8% capital growth on residential properties currently
  • 18% of the world’s coal is mined here and the amount is increasing – Australia’s coal industry is expected to expand by 66% over the next 4 years
  • There is an oversupply of quality potential tenants
  • There is a new freeway to Sydney making the trip only 1.5 hours
  • It is only 20 minutes to the major city of Newcastle

Why Invest In Modular Homes (Granny Flats) In NSW?

The New South Wales Government has put new policies in place that encourage the building of Modular Homes in the back yards of residential properties in order to boost the level of accommodation. This gives investors a wonderful opportunity to get positively geared property investments. Many property investment experts are quietly seeking out this form of investment now, “quietly” because they know they are onto a good thing and they don’t want too much competition. They are wanting to do it now while the property prices are still low. Positively geared property investments of this nature, this year, are expected to triple what they were last year.

There is a wonderful opportunity for property investors from all around Australia at the moment. This is an opportunity to invest in the lucrative, positively geared property investment opportunities that exist in NSW currently. We are talking here about investing in residential, positive cash-flow property that includes a back yard Modular Home, in high demand areas of NSW.

Why Invest In Dual Income Property Through Quick Housing Solutions?

We at Quick Housing Solutions specialise in sourcing ideal residential properties in Australia, and building Modular Homes in their back yards, to provide positively geared properties for investors. We can do all the hard work for this and for the management of your property after purchase (tenant management, property maintenance, council rates, etc.).

We source ideal residential properties and build modular homes on them. What this means is that you get the huge benefit of having two rental returns for one residential property. For instance, traditionally an investor might buy a residential property for $410,000 and get $22,000 rental income from it. But if you build a $90,000 Modular Home in the back yard, you can then get another $18,000 rental income, meaning that you now get $40,000 rental income from a $500,000 investment. That means 20% return on the $90,000 and an overall 8% return on the $500,000.

Self Managed Super Funds

The positive cash flow you get from a dual income investment makes this sort of investment ideal for Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF). Because the SMSF legislation is so restrictive on what you can and can’t do, it can be difficult to find a suitable property for SMSF. But if you have over $200,000 in your superannuation fund (or together, you and your spouse combined have over $200,000) then contact us and give us the challenge to find a suitable property for you. Not only do we have property finding experts but also SMSF experts. Leave it to us to do all the hard work for you.

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